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Carolene and Alden Perry

“Our daughters are so relieved that we made a decision they will not have to make.
We joined Live at Home in 2014 because we had several friends who told us we should look into it. Our parents planned for their own long-term care, and we know how much that helped the entire family. It gave everyone a needed break.” - Carolene and Alden Perry

Bill Gallagher

"As a middle aged adult I sometimes wondered what would happen if either, or both, of my parents would have to be placed in a long term care facility. The thought of my parents having to rely on a state selected health facility was not too pleasant to contemplate. Thankfully my father received palliative care at home, not requiring a nursing home. My mother was able to live at an Alexian Village Retirement Facility with long term care provided.

Not wanting to possibly be a financial burden, real or otherwise, to our children, my wife and I opted to join the Live-At-Home family to insure that we will determine our future health requirements, paid for by us  My wife and I could not have made a wiser decision. Our children agree wholeheartedly." - Bill Gallagher

Mary Jane Childers

"My husband and I joined Live At Home in 2003. During the early years we had little need for them but in the last few years we both developed many health care needs. They are always there to help us with transportation, food preparation, grocery shopping, housekeeping and personal hygiene needs. We and our families also enjoy the knowledge that they will be there in case we need assisted living or nursing home level of care. We could not be happier that we are in their family."  - Mary Jane Childers

B W. Ruffner

"In my mind, Live at Home will delay or prevent us from having to leave our home. I'll take anything that will make it easy for us to live in our own community, but have the peace of mind of knowing that more care is available if necessary." -B W. Ruffner
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