Daisy Award Winners- February 2023


The DAISY Foundation was formed in January 2000 by the family of J. Patrick Barnes, who died at age 33 of complications of idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP). The Barnes family, impressed with the compassionate nursing care their son Patrick received before his death, wanted to recognize extraordinary nurses everywhere for the difference they make in the lives of patients and families.

The DAISY Award® is a nationwide program that recognizes nurses who consistently demonstrate excellence through their clinical expertise, compassion and spirituality, and are recognized as role models in the nursing community. Congratulations to the following Ascension Living nurses who recently received the DAISY Award!


Tracy Cook, LPN | Ascension Living Borgess Place

Tracy was nominated for the award by a coworker. In the nomination, Tracy’s co-worker wrote, in part: “I have worked with Tracy Cook for several years now. As a floor nurse, I have observed her with multiple patients over the years. In addition to nursing, she will show up … and help out when she sees she can be of help. As a house supervisor, she inspires confidence in staff, visitors and patients, from what I've seen. What led me to writing has to do with a patient who had multiple needs and multiple issues that were troublesome to residents, visitors and staff. I was so touched when I went back to her unit to complete a task at the Provider Office and Tracy was sitting in the office with this particular resident seated next to her. The resident was talking away in calm, measured and cheerful tones. Tracy had figured out a way to help our resident go from over-the-top yelling off and on for help all day to dialoguing about how she loved sports and whatever else she wanted to say as Tracy interacted with her as if she was listening actively to a good friend. She is always calm, measured in her thinking, and knows the needs and whims of so many of our residents.”


Cassy Lee, LPN | Ascension Living Alexian Village Tennessee

Cassy was nominated for the award on behalf of the daughter of one of her residents. In their nomination, the family wrote, in part: “My loved one has been a resident for two years now. This was a huge transition for her to move from the comfort of her home. While she understood the need for the move, the transition into an institutional living environment created great anxiety and stress for her. Cassy — a regular evening nurse — is capable, caring and compassionate beyond measure. She takes personal interest in those she cares for, paying careful attention to nuanced/subtle changes, and takes appropriate steps to have those changes addressed. Cassy shows a willingness to give clinical reassurance and guidance to uncertain and trepidatious patients and family members – all while “staying in her lane.” Cassy is timely in care, consistently smooth, and predictable – all with a sunny, cheerful and loving demeanor.  Cassy gets the things that need to be done, done on time and well. We are most grateful to have a nurse of Cassy's caliber on the team caring for my loved one. She is most deserving of the recognition of the award.”


Laurie Wheatcroft, LPN | Ascension Living Via Christi Village Ridge

Laurie was nominated for the award by two residents. In their nominations, they wrote, in part: “Laurie Wheatcroft became a well-known nurse to me in a short time after I became a resident here at Via Christi Village Ridge in 2021. My health issues began shortly thereafter and Laurie was the nurse who I depended on to help me with my heart monitor. She helped me understand my need for a pacemaker and provided me with reassurance leading up to surgery. Laurie’s comfort and knowledge provided great relief to me and my family. Recovery was long, but I got through it thanks to Laurie. From comforting me to working with my physicians, Laurie is always there for me. She is such a great nurse!”

“How do I put on paper my true feelings about the best LPN in the world? Laurie is the most competent, compassionate, sympathetic and considerate nurse that I have been around. I believe that she is the glue to our assisted living community. Her empathic nature is outstanding. When I had an unexpected fall, Laurie was the first one outside to help. She brought something to sit on as well as a blanket to keep me warm. She even washed my shirt to remove stains that resulted from the fall, so it was wearable again.”


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