Foundation recognizes Ascension Living associate for efforts to engage residents


Charita Wells, Activities Assistant, Ascension Living Carroll Manor, was honored by the Ceca Foundation for stepping up as an engaged caregiver and leader for the Washington, D.C., senior living community’s weekly “Holy Mic” activity for residents.

“This was my manager’s creation,” she told the Ceca Foundation, a nonprofit organization in the nation’s capital that created the Ceca Award Program as a way for healthcare communities to honor their exceptional clinical and support staff members. “He wanted to present something spiritual for the residents because, during the pandemic, they could no longer listen to the chapel choir.”

Charita developed the “Holy Mic” program as a way to engage residents in singing or otherwise participating in Gospel music. “What the ‘Holy Mic’ does is take them back to where they used to be,” she said. “The most amazing thing is, I’ve seen residents about to go home to the Lord, and suddenly they’re better, just because of music. When they reach their 70s and 80ss, they have a relationship with God, and this music feeds them spiritually.”

The foundation notes that Charita engages residents in other activities including making Italian ices in summer, shopping, live bands, grilling, and more.

“When you are an activities person, you have to have something in your pocket to engage residents, because they may not want to do what you are doing,” she said. “It’s about creating moments of joy and empathy and putting yourself in the residents’ and family members’ position. It’s about meeting people where they are and watching them grow.”

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