• What rehabilitation services do you offer?

    For some treatments and conditions, you may need advanced care. These include advanced heart surgery or stroke. Short-stay therapy services are a helpful way to build strength as you move from hospital to home. Your team of therapists, nurses and doctors work with you to create a personalized care plan. Your plan might include: 

    • Physical therapy to help you regain strength, mobility and balance
    • Occupational therapy to help improve your ability to perform everyday tasks
    • Speech therapy to help strengthen your communication and eating or swallowing skills
  • Is occupational therapy the same as physical therapy?
    It’s similar in that it helps restore strength and mobility. Occupational therapy helps people adapt to their social and physical environment through education in things like dressing, memory training and coordination exercises.
  • What can I expect from speech therapy?
    Our skilled speech and language pathologists address communication issues and swallowing dysfunction. They’ll design treatment plans to help with language ability, provide alternate communication strategies and give appropriate diet recommendations.
  • What is skilled nursing?
    Skilled nursing is advanced care or rehabilitation care. It may be needed after a stroke, surgery or advanced medical treatment or health condition. Skilled nursing care can be provided for short and long periods of time. Your team will work with you and your personal physician to create a care plan that meets your needs.
  • When is skilled nursing necessary?

    Skilled nursing is a good choice for people who need more medical care but do not need the amount of treatment given at a hospital. In a skilled nursing community, you can expect a higher level of care than assisted living provides. You can find help with daily activities, rehabilitation care or long-term care.

  • Will Medicare pay for skilled nursing?
    Ascension Living [Community Name] is Medicare-certified. This means that for a hospital stay that qualifies, Medicare may cover some costs. It may cover costs for up to 20 days and require a copayment for up to 80 days. For more details, visit Medicare.gov.