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Our participants and their family members tell the best stories.

Meet Evelyn

Evelyn enrolled with Ascension Living HOPE about five years ago. She knew a couple of HOPE participants and they recommended that she look into HOPE, so Evelyn decided to check it out. Evelyn’s medical conditions made it difficult for her to complete household tasks, so she needed help around the home and she needed transportation services to get to her appointments. After enrolling with HOPE, Evelyn started coming into the day center more frequently and she would participate in many different activities and socialization events at HOPE. Evelyn is still living in the community independently, with support from HOPE.

Meet Laura 

About 4 years ago, Laura’s husband called Ascension Living HOPE looking for information. Alice was starting to need more care and supervision during the day but both Laura and her husband worked during the day full-time, so they were limited in the support they could provide. They found HOPE by searching the internet for day programs and reached out to us. Alice enrolled at the start of the following month and started coming into the HOPE day center and receiving HOPE services in her home. Fast forward to today and Alice is still living in the community with her daughter and son-in-law, with a little support from HOPE.

Our Participants Tell Our Best Living Story
Things that overwhelmed me before – consumed my life to where I felt like I had no life – I don’t have to worry any more. Life is good now.
HOPE Participant

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HOPE is a family that I care about -- a lot.  The staff has made me feel fantastic.  The nursing staff is wonderful.  More people should join Hope because they really would get the best care possible. 

Do it as soon as possible.  Do it yesterday.  HOPE has been so good to David and I and, if it wasn’t for HOPE, David might not be here today, so I’m so thankful for Ascension Living HOPE.

- Dale Wilson, Ascension Living HOPE Participant

Meet the Wilsons 

David and Dale Wilson have been participants with Ascension Living HOPE for nearly 11 years. They originally looked into the program because David’s health was poor and he needed services. During their first visit with HOPE intake staff, David and Dale liked what they heard about HOPE so much that Dale decided to also join the program herself.

Throughout the years, Dale and David have been constant advocates for Ascension Living HOPE and have recommended HOPE to anyone they come across who could benefit from PACE services. David and Dale continue to live in the community with support from Ascension Living HOPE.
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