Ascension Living Pace Michigan

Eligibility and How to Enroll

What is the cost?

What you pay for PACE Michigan depends on your financial situation. Participants enrolled in both Medicare and Medicaid, or just Medicaid alone, have no copayments or deductibles for anything within their care plan. We can assist with new Medicaid applications. With Medicare alone, there is a cost-sharing option.

 Who is Eligible?

To enroll in PACE Michigan, individuals must be:

  • Age 55 or older
  • Living within our PACE Michigan service area
  • Certified as meeting Michigan criteria for nursing home level of care 
  • Able to live safely in community with the support of PACE Michigan 


What is PACE Michigan’s service area? 

Ascension Living PACE Michigan serves:

  • All of Genesee County zip codes 
  • Lapeer County zip codes except 48435 and 48744 
  • Shiawassee County zip codes 48414, 48418, 48429, 48433, 48436, 48476 and 48857 
  • Livingston County zip codes 48418, 48430, 48442, 48451, 48816 and 48855 
  • Tuscola County zip codes 48420, 48464, 48727 and 48760  

PACE Resources

For additional information about PACE:
Please note:
Ascension Living PACE Michigan was designated by the State of Michigan as the exclusive PACE provider for the area we service. All PACE services are furnished through Ascension Living PACE Michigan. Other than emergency services, participants may be responsible for costs of unauthorized or out-of-network services per PACE program agreement. 
TTY: 810-236-7554
ascension living Team

A Pace Michigan team member is ready to answer your questions and provide further information on:

  • Primary medical care 
  • Home care 
  • Therapy services 
  • Meals 
  • Medication management 
  • Nutrition counseling 
  • Social services 
  • Transportation 
  • Medical supplies 
  • Leisure and social activities

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