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Our Participants and their family members tell the best stories.

Meet Perry

After a major stroke, Perry’s brother Wendell didn’t know where to turn. He and his family tried to help, but it was overwhelming. They were relieved when Perry was eligible for PACE Michigan’s one-stop, all-inclusive care. Sports were always a big part of Perry’s life before his stroke. Within a short time with PACE, Perry started physical therapy and regained some of the strength he had lost with his stroke.  

After living 5 years in his apartment, PACE knew Perry needed a higher level of help.  PACE worked with Perry and his family to move him into assisted living.  Wendell shared “the transition was fine and went well. Perry is doing a lot better since the move.  He's not sleeping as much, he's more active and benefiting from being around others.”  Perry continues his journey in his new home with his family and PACE oversight.

Meet JoAnne

JoAnne moved in with her daughter after her husband died. She was quiet and showed little emotion during her first visit to PACE Michigan. Now, she is excited and feels more independent stepping onto the PACE bus. She looks forward to time at PACE with friends and keeping busy. There is peace of mind for her daughter when she’s at work. Mom’s care is overseen by caring staff and she’s safe. Plus, JoAnne’s energy and interests have bloomed again. 
I love it here. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me.
Regina PACE participant
PACE Michigan is a gift and a blessing. PACE gives me peace of mind knowing mom is safe and taken care of - it's a constant for me.
Karen Participant's daughter
I’ve yet to look at any one of the PACE staff without eye contact and a smile immediately. There’s always recognition that you are alive when you’re here, you exist.
Charlotte PACE participant
PACE Michigan has been life-changing for my family and me. The relief of knowing that there is someone to help me navigate all there is to do for my father has been a godsend.
Debra Participant's daughter
I’m lucky to be here, I’m fortunate and I’m glad.
George PACE participant
Having all-inclusive care gives me a break and a healthier perspective as a caregiver.
Karen Participant's daughter
They make sure that medication is covered, transportation, and doctor care -- all around. PACE is what they say they are, a program of all-inclusive care. I trust my PACE program.
Tameka Stinson Referral partner

Meet Natalie

Natalie enrolled in PACE in 2017, allowing her to live at home safely with PACE services and her husband.  In February of 2020 Natalie's husband passed away just as COVID-19 struck. She enjoyed many wonderful PACE Staff and living arrangements.
During COVID, Natalie’s memory and overall health declined.  With closed borders to non-essential travel it was impossible for Natalie's family to travel from Canada despite many attempts. With PACE’s oversight, and critical notification to her family, one son traveled to the border and on compassionate grounds was allowed to visit her in Michigan.
The most critical piece of this story happened when Natalie was at the end of life stage.  She had limited time. Her wish to return to Nova Scotia, Canada and be with her family seemed hopeless with the closed borders.  Thanks to preparations and support from PACE staff, her son who was allowed to cross, loaded Natalie and her belongings in his car and left the assisted living in Flushing, MI for the border.
A month later, we received the following email: "Dearest US friends, this tremendous journey  allowed Natalie’s brother, 3 of her sons, a daughter-in-law, a granddaughter and 2 grandsons to see her once again in her home province and just down the road from her birthplace and homestead. We enjoyed laughter, stories, smiles, her "dancing from the waist up" and so much more.
There is an angel, Luan! She has been our mother's PACE Social Worker for many years. She has seen her through so many challenges and always, always treated her like her own mother. I have no better way to describe her kindness, caring, loving way with our mother. None of this would be at all possible or enjoyed without her complete dedication to her profession and our mother's well-being. We all will be forever grateful and indebted to Luan!
It's in the wee hours of the morning as I write this looking at mother, so peaceful and at rest. A blessing that I'll never forget. As I was finishing this email, Natalie took her last breath and peacefully went with God.”

Meet Peggy

Peggy joined PACE in September 2018.  When she started, she had both medical and memory challenges.  She lives with her granddaughter, but even with family support, she battled anxiety and depression.  Both personal care and bathing assistance were a challenge.  In fact, they had trouble moving her around and this led to Peggy being homebound for 5 years until she left the house with PACE’s door-through-door transportation.
Only 6 months after PACE enrollment, Peggy had higher self-esteem.  With daily visits to the PACE Day Center, she had options to visit with friends and her anxiety had decreased.  If you’re looking for her at PACE, stop into the sunroom and the puzzle table, as she reveals “your best bet is that I’ll be there.”  She loves puzzles, but cannot do them at home, due to all of their animals.  She lights up when she shares that “I love everything about PACE. Having my medication and doctor visits all paid for is great.  PACE is the best thing that ever happened to me.” 

Meet Darlene

"After several months of my mom being enrolled in the PACE program, I have seen such a huge change in her! Before PACE she rarely went out for any kind of socialization. She now comes to the center twice a week and really looks forward to it; she is really thriving with this type of interaction! 
As a caregiver who works from home, I have felt tremendous guilt over not being able to spend as much quality time with her as I would like. Additionally getting her to and from doctor appointments was a huge challenge for me, as I have limited family support to help with her. I absolutely love and appreciate that all of her medical needs are taken care of right there at PACE, her medications are delivered promptly to our home, and she gets regular interventions with a nurse and social worker. BTW…she adores Dr. Dudley! 
I want you to share with the PACE team how much we appreciate the loving care that they give her. From the bus driver to the home health aide, she feels special every single time she interacts with one of you! She said the other day that she was really surprised that everyone already knows her name by heart!!
Thank you again for treating my mother like she’s the only person you care for! I am so grateful for PACE and how it has changed our lives for the better." 
-Loraine Travis, Daughter of Participant Darlene. 

Meet Edna

"One of the main things they did was even prior to my surgery, PACE brought me into the center and did therapy to get me ready for surgery.  During my stay in the hospital, it was so much easier, because they got me up and they wanted me to do different types of therapy there in the hospital and I was prepared for it.   That was because PACE had got me ready.  And when I went to the SNF, because there was no one at my home and it was the same thing.  The preparation prior to the surgery which was invaluable for me.  And I knew what to expect and I was not afraid.  I knew what I did at PACE, I know what this is all about – I can do this. 

You (PACE) were with me all the way, from the hospital to the SNF and then when I got home you were here.  They came out and made sure I was set up well in my home.  I had a recliner, but PACE brought me out another recliner to help me.  Because I needed something that was larger and easier to get in and out of.  My recliner was an old model.  And they brought me a recliner to my home.  I was just thrilled – over the moon with that.  Because I was able to sleep in it.  Pretty much it was the size they used at the hospital.  The contact here in my home from PACE was good. 

To me, the one thing that really, really excites me about PACE is the things that the PACE staff says that they’re going to do, they actually do deliver and follow-up on.  So that’s what I like about it.  It’s not always the case, and again when you are depending on someone else to be your partner through an illness or whatever, you’ve got to feel like they’re going to follow through and be there for you.   

-Edna Robinson, PACE Participant

Craig Banasiak, Family Member

“PACE has allowed me to keep mom at home and coordinate her care better than I could have done myself. I work at home by mom.  PACE has allowed me to secure food and supplies easier as a caregiver.  PACE offered me a chance for respite after 7 months of being her primary support for care.  Being alone versus help from PACE… having PACE assistance is the greatest, as I am the person responsible for 95% of mom’s care. PACE added a wheelchair accessible ramp to her home.  I appreciate the durable medical assistance coordinated by PACE while working full-time.  I don’t have to worry about what to get and how to pay.  Having care coordination and doctor’s visits through PACE.  Before I transported mom to respite and the PACE Center, but I believe mom will be needing more door-through-door transportation soon.  Within 8 months, mom has become less mobile.  She’s started going to the PACE Center for showers.  All of it is helpful. We have the experiences of caring for older adults who need services.  Full service and a circle of care – all inclusive."

— Craig Banasiak, Son of former PACE participant

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